Dust Control Alumunium Sheet

Dust Control Alumunium Sheet

Heat resistance up to 150℃

Just released in Indonesia market

  • Low cost (made in Indonesia)
  • Better solution for keeping clean environment in paint oven

Product specification
Heat resistance adhesive aluminum sheet : thickness 50μ x width 1000mm x length 30m/roll

~Keep performance up to 150℃ environment.
  It can be installed in many kind of paint oven.

~Catch all the dust on the surface and did not released.
  Apply adhesive material evenly.

~Easy to install and replace, just cut and put it on with double tape.
   It is in roll form and can be cut according to the required length. Easy to install on the wall inside
   drying oven using heat-resistant tape.

~Manufacture in Indonesia.
  Quality is almost equal to imported goods , it is possible to suggest at a lower cost.

There are so many application for metal and resin coating oven in Japan.

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