T-Coil Target Process

  • Supply Air Pre-Heat for Dryer

  • Supply Air Pre-Heat for Coaterdryer

  • Heat Recovery for Solvent Recovery

  • Supply Air Pre-Heater for Boiler

What is T-Coil ?

T-coil (Thermo-Coil) is a device that has a high efficiency for heat recovery from exhaust gases.
Use of the T-Coil in Heat Recovery Systems

Features of T-Coil
  1. Excellent heat recovery.
  2. No operational cost for heat recovery.
  3. Long life and durability.
  4. Simple, compact structure.
  5. Easy installation and ducting.
  6. No cross-contamination of air supply and exhaust gas.
  7. Wide range of application, such as :
    • Spray dryer (produce milk powder, starch, coffee powder, detergent powder).
    • Coater laminated (produce packing material, adhesive tape, polarizing film).
    • Photogravure.
    • Pre-heat for dryer / coater-dryer.
    • Solvent recovery.
    • Pre-heat for boiler.

Products of T-Coil

  • ITC models

Features :
  1. Minimal pressure drop.
  2. Wide range in choice of materials and fin pitch.
  3. Able to be disassembled and reassembled.
  4. Absence of heat warp.

  • VTC models

Features :

  1. Minimal pressure drop.
  2. Lightweight, compact design.
  3. Durability.
  4. No cross contamination of supply and exhaust.

Applications of T-Coil

  • Use as an Air Supply Preheater 
 The T-coil is generally used to recover waste heat from dryers, boilers and all types of industrial furnaces, as supply air preheater or as a secondary air preheater in burners.

  • Use in heat source in Heating Systems
The T-coil is also used to recover waste heat from the exhaust of dryer ovens, etc then use this as a heat source in heating systems. In case of extremely hot exhaust, desirable temperature may be achieved by mixing with atmosphere air.

  • Use in temperature control in Exhaust Gas Treatment Equipment (Anti-pollution devices)
The equipments employed as exhaust gas treatment devices for pollution control, etc are require large amounts of heat in the treatment process. The T-coil is utilized in a wide variety of those anti-pollution devices. However, T-coil is especially popular for use as an alterburner preheater in catalic fume incinerator and as an air supply preheater in direct gas fired fume incinerators.

Comparison of T-Coil vs Competing products

comparison t-coil

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