asahikasei microza
MICROZA is a filtration module containing unique hollow fiber membranes for filtration systems. MICROZA membranes have sharp pore size distributions that provide superior and stable filtration performance.

Several types of hollow fiber membranes are available, and in various organic polymers. Liquid filtration takes place through the pores, or gaps, in the hollow fiber wall structure.

There are two categories of MICROZA hollow fiber membranes :

*UF (Ultra filtration) membranes

MICROZA UF (Ultrafiltration) Membranes ASAHIKASEI

  • Size range of UF membranes pores : approx. 0.001μm ~ 0.01μm.
  • Filtration separation is at the molecule level.
  • MICROZA UF membranes have unique construction. Every membrane has an asymmetric structure, with a membrane layer both on the inside and outside of the fiber, overlaying a core comprising a very open support for excellent flow characteristics, and a central strengthening layer for outstanding fiber durability in long-term service.
  • The ultra filtration membranes are resistant to flow in both directions.

*MF (Microfiltration) membranes
MICROZA MF (microfiltration) Membranes ASAHIKASEI

  • Size range of UF membranes pores : several μm ~ 0.1μm.
  • Suspended solids and colloidal particles in liquids can be separated efficiently and with precision.
  • MICROZA MF membranes have smooth inner and outer membrane skins with a highly porous symmetrical support structure giving high-flow rates. These modules can also be back flushed.
Comparison of MICROZA UF (ultrafiltration) & MF (microfiltration)
Comparison of MICROZA UF and MF

In the below picture, the center bar notes membrane separation methods employed to separate substances that correspond approximately in size to the example substances noted.
The lover portion of the figure notes corresponding ASAHI KASEI products to accomplish such separations.

MICROZA UF & MF Membranes

MICROZA can be applied for various industries, such as :

  • Chemical
  • Precision electronic industries
  • Municipal water
  • Waste water
  • Food
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Energy
  • Environmental Appl.

MICROZA Module structures

Here are the advantages of MICROZA UF (Ultrafication) & MF (Microfiltration) for water clarification :

  • High permeability membrane and large-scale modules enable high flux and compact installation space.
  • Microza UF & MF systems allow reverse filtration with sodium hypochlorite (NaClO) and 'air scrubbing', resulting in stable permeate flux.
  • Ultrafine pores of the membranes produce high quality permeate. Permeate quality is maintained even when turbidity of feed water fluctuates.
  • Microza UF modules use hydrophilic PAN membranes with a 'double-skin' structure, while Microza MF modules use PVDF membranes for outstanding physical strength and chemical resistance. Both modules offer long-term reliability.