Avoiding and Inspecting Foreign Particles

Avoiding to generate foreign particles

Fine Screen (EDS)

Is the screen manufactured with etching (fabrication using metallic corrosion) and diffusion bonding (technique using metallic diffusion bonding) without adhesive.
Ordinary wire gauzes can be broken and crushed by pressure. That leades to generate foreign particles.
But, the FINE SCREEN will not lead to the above problems, with its high intensity and superior quality. It is also easily cleaned.
EDS = "Etching" and "Diffusion bonding" "Screen"

EDS has the following features compared with metallic mesh, punching processing, sintered metallic processing, beam processing and laser processing.
1.     No processing strain, burr and laser sintering.
2.     Uniformity and flatness of hole diameter of two sides.
3.     High pressure resistance increasing lamination.
4.     Support for tap, bending and welding processing after bonding.
5.     Support for step hole using bonding technique.
EDS has the structure of lamination but it has tested quality identification (adhesion strength test and so on).

MP Foods Packing

It is easy to remove or detect when packing was broken because packing was magnetized.

EWSP Pipes

It is easy to remove or detect when packing was broken because packing was magnetizedIt is possible to decrease residual excrescence and oil engulfment by improvement of pipe surface accuracy.

Inspecting / Measuring Foreign Particles

Metal Detector
Metallic material may be the greatest threat of a variety of contaminants in the food industry and can bring great damage to the consumer safety and the reputation and revenue of food producers.
Metal detector and rejecting system can block a foreign object quickly and firmly that might be a threat in your production facilites.

Metal detector can be apply for various production line:
General food
Instant food, Cookie/bread, Vegetable
Sea food
Frozen sea food, Refrigerated sea food, Dried fish
Refrigerated & Frozen meat, Other processed meat
Pharmaceutical industry
Tablet/capsule, Granules, Powder
General Industry
Rubber/timber, Plastic, Chemical resin, Glass, Raw material recycling

Handy Tesla Meter
Used to maintain magnetic devices.
NMD440/470 S Type (Surface type)
Textile / Fabric materials / Carpet / Cotton / Rayon
NMD440/470 H Type
Portable product
Garments, Sewed products

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