Blower & Dust Collector

Blower & Dust Collector


Mist Collector

A device using rotating machines and blowers, for improving the productivity of work environments such as factories and offices.
Purposes : Collecting mist and steam generated by manufacturing machinery, parts cleaners and other machines.

Electrical Blowers

ISO certified. Japan’s no.1 electric blower, it is compact and highly versatile with a directly coupled motor and impeller.
Purposes :
-Printing machines (for drying).
-Kitchen equipment (for hot air circulation).
-Incinerators (for pushing down combustion air).
-Industrial furnaces (for hot air circulation and induction).
-Dust collectors.
-Cooling equipment.

Fans & Blowers

ISO certified. A fan blower producing powerful wind.
Purposes :
-Turbo Fans & Blowers (efficient, low-noise level, Multipurpose for air flow and static pressure)
-Air foil Fans (A type of a turbo fan with an air foil blade which shape is like a bird’s wing. It is the most effective and reduces noise considerably)
-Sirocco Fans (Multi blade fan is the smallest centrifugal fan for producing regular air flow)
-Plate Fans (Simple structured fan blades are suitable for extracting the air containing dust or fine particles)
-Axial Flow Fans (Varying a mounting angle for the blades exercises a variety of performance)
-Mixed Flow Fans

Dust Collector

Vital machine for maintaining clean and safe working environment by collecting various types of dust.
Purposes :
-Multipurpose dust collector.
-Pulse-jet dust collector.
-Callbucket dust collector.